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Diaphragm Wall Cages

ArcelorMittal Construction Solutions manufactures all Diaphragm wall cages in line with CARES appendix 10 and BS 7123. We use trained and qualified Arc Welders and the latest machinery to ensure absolute accuracy of bar placement and total control over the welding process.

Drawing on the experience of BCS in Holland, AMCS see diaphragm wall cage fabrication as one of their key areas of expertise. The mechanised jigs used by the company to carry out accurate pre-fabrication were designed for diaphragm wall cage manufacture and give AMCS a unique technical capability in this area.

All cages are detailed and CAD drawings are produced by our team prior to assembly. These can then be used to check the cage prior to fabrication, as an assembly tool and for site inspection.

Cages can be made with any of the following:
  • Lifting hooks or bands

  • Erico-Lenton couplers and threading systems

  • De-bonding isofoam

  • Sonic tubes

  • Up to 50mm diameter bars

  • Special lengths (including long lengths)

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