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Pre-fabricated Reinforcement

Due to the advances in 3D detailing, reinforcement can now be supplied to construction sites almost entirely in prefabricated elements.

As with any other manufactured product, quality is of paramount importance. Not only is it vital to have experienced 3D detailers planning the reinforcing cages, it is vital to have total control over the welding of the cages. Through research & development carried out by BCS in Holland, AMCS have absolute state-of-the-art mechanised jig systems to ensure the accuracy of their cages.

Supplying the reinforcement in a staged, pre-fabricated process, has the following advantages:

Improve Health & Safety
  • No bundles of loose bars and fixing wire around the site

  • Less labour required

  • Reduced manual lifting

  • Significantly less need to reach in to the tied cages

  • Safer working platforms (eg: no loose bars to slip on)

  • Reduced risk of errors being made causing on-site amendments

Speed up the concrete pour programme
  • A steel fixer can fix roughly 1 Tonne of loose bars per day. Just a few men can install more than 100 Tonnes of prefabricated cages in a day.

  • It simplifies the setting-out process and bar spacing is, obviously, already done

  • There is less chance of time-impacting errors from either the setting out or fixing

  • Any design problems are usually spotted and solved in the 3D detailing process

  • Clashes with services can be identified from the 3D model prior to arrival on site

  • Time-consuming, complex areas to fix are reduced to simple “jigsaw puzzle” elements

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