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Reinforcement Optimisation

At ArcelorMittal Construction Solutions reinforcement is optimised in two ways:

1. The diameters and spacing of bars can be re-detailed in order to achieve the exact required steel reinforcement area rather than having to select the most convenient standard mesh grade or traditional rebar spacing. The best way to achieve this is for engineers to supply areas of reinforcement rather than diameter and spacing, enabling the detailers to refine the solution and save reinforcing steel.

2. As reinforcing steel bars are supplied in stock lengths, the cutting and bending process can cause considerable wastage as, for instance, 12m bars are cut to 10m in length. AMCS uses the latest production planning technology to ensure that these off-cuts are minimised.

By involving ArcelorMittal Construction Solutions early in the procurement process, savings can be made not just to the quantity of reinforcing steel, but to the program too. By re-engineering the reinforcing solution, the company can supply cages and mats that can be quickly and simply assembled on site. This saves labour costs, program time and significantly improves safety.

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