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ArcelorMittal Kent Wire

ArcelorMittal Kent Wire, is part of the of the ArcelorMittal Wire Solutions division, a wholly owned subsidiary of the ArcelorMittal Group. ArcelorMittal Wire Solutions operate nine specialist plants throughout Europe and are market leaders in the manufacturing and supply of drawn steel wire solutions.

ArcelorMittal Kent Wire was established in 1987 in the UK as a manufacturer of reinforcing mesh fabrics. Kent Wire is one of the UK’s largest producer of CARES-approved standard and non-standard electro-welded steel reinforcing mesh fabrics, as well as producing an extensive range of hard-drawn CARES-approved, plain, ribbed and indented wires for a variety of construction-related applications.

ArcelorMittal Kent Wire has an installed capacity of up to 140,000 tonnes per annum of reinforcing fabrics and operates from its premises at Chatham Docks in Kent. The Company takes advantage of its dockside location to discharge seagoing vessels of up to 5000 tonnes of reinforcing and construction steels from the ArcelorMittal Group across Europe, as raw material for its own production and as a service to third parties.

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