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Reinforcement Optimisation

ArcelorMittal Construction Solutions uses highly experienced reinforcement detailers to detail and re-detail projects for clients.

Whether you are looking for a full detailing service, or for AMCS to refine a project in to prefabricated elements or special mesh, it all starts with a competent detailer.

In order to get the most from this service, we strongly recommend involving AMCS as early as possible in the delivery of the project. By working closely with the designers, our detailers can improve:

Cost Control

By producing a 3D reinforcement model for the job, a far more detailed and accurate estimate can be made of the total reinforcing quantity and installation.

Health & Safety

Detailing the project in to off site manufactured assemblies has significant positive

impact on site safety:

  • No loose components making the work area untidy or hazardous

  • Reduced site labour

  • Reduced manual handling and minor injuries

  • Safer working practices – access, climbing, housekeeping


Traditional steel fixing outputs are approximately 1 Tonne per man per day. The installation of pre-assembled elements requires minimal skilled labour, a fraction of the total manpower , independence of weather conditions, elimination of errors and abortive re-work resulting in significantly speedier installation with resultant programme benefits.

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