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Health & Safety Event 2023

ArcelorMittal Construction Solutions Health and Safety Day 2023: A Day to Remember

Workers in full PPE watching a video

Workplace safety is a top priority for companies all around the world, and it's no different for ArcelorMittal Construction Solutions.

On May 3rd, 2023, the company celebrated its 17th annual Health and Safety Day, supported by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). This year's event was designed to ensure that all employees were engaged and focused on promoting safe working practices, as part of the company's Journey to Zero.


The Activities at this Year's Event

The event began with the ArcelorMittal Health and Safety Video 2023. After the video, the event started with an opening briefing from our CEO and Health & Safety Manager, followed by the activities.

The activities included practical, hands-on training sessions, such as first aid training, manual handling, and work equipment use presented by Armadillo Safety.

There were also presentations on health by local occupational health specialists, All Health Matters, lifting & slinging presented by Medway Slings, and presentations from in-house trainers on forklift truck awareness, hazard awareness, and incident reporting.

The event also featured mindfulness activities, presented by Happy Healthy Yoga, to help employees learn techniques to reduce stress and maintain their well-being while at work.


Teamwork Exercise

All employees were divided into eight groups, and each group visited nine different stands throughout the day. Group leaders were embedded into the groups, ensuring that timings were kept, groups stayed together, and everyone moved to the correct stall per the programme.

The stand presenters were responsible for setting up their stands and following the timings as per the programme. They captured the nominal role for each group session and ensured that staff completed a QR feedback form at the end of the last session, as per the stand pack.

Workers taking part in a manual handling exercise on health and safety day

Behind the Scenes: Meet the H&S Day Management Team

To ensure a smooth running of the event, the H&S Day Management Team had delegated roles and responsibilities to guarantee its success. The team was responsible for planning and delivering the day, allocating resources, and competent staff to deliver the 2023 H&S Day.

The team comprised event managers, event assistants, and event operations coordinators, who delegated tasks to ensure that all nine stand plans were ready, groups were allocated, catering was taken care of, and feedback forms were created.

Man in full PPE at ArselorMittal


Overall, the day was a resounding success. It was an excellent opportunity for employees to engage in various health and safety activities, with an extra focus on the 10 Lifesaving Golden Rules. In addition, it was a day to reaffirm their behaviours and knowledge of safety at work as part of the company's Journey to Zero. By working together, ArcelorMittal Construction Solutions has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring that every employee returns home safely at the end of the day.


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